In the digital transforming decade, mobility is the first choice of us, medical care is no exception. Medical apps have already initiated a huge sea change in how patients related to doctors, and vice versa. It is really supportive for patients to joint in the processing of medical decisions, what they always want.

Apps are already empowering ordinary people to have more knowledge and say in their medical decisions. This is stellar news for people who have always wanted to take a more active role in their own healthcare, but have traditionally been stymied by a lack of visibility into their own personal health data. Medical apps are beginning to level the playing field in patients’ favor, and will ultimately change the future of healthcare forever.

With using medical apps, the relationship between patients and doctors become more cooperative.

In case the patients have any signs in the body, they can check on the apps before they make appointment with doctors. The research on medical apps help patients as well as doctors can find possible cause of the troubles fast. Through the pre-analyze results on apps, patients and doctors can save the time as well as preventing patients out of longer pain and suffering.

Medical apps will help patients follow the treatment plan properly. That will increase the impact of medical treatment, save time and money of patients. All steps in the treatment plan will be visualized on the apps, that will help patients approach to doctors easier and more frequency. As such, apps will become the go-to patient diaries for candid info that patients might have trouble sharing with doctors face-to-face.

Medical Apps Will Help Patients Save Money

Visiting doctors will take time and quite expensive, especially in the rural area. Medical apps on smartphone will help patients can get the consultant of the virtual doctors. It will be much cheaper than visiting real-life doctors.
Medical apps also help business save cost when they help to define early diagnosis and recommended treatment. That will help staffs shorten their sick leave duration and medical fees.

Demand of using medical apps increases year by year

In 2016, there are 2 million apps in the App Store, in which, more than 97,000 apps related to medical care. The top ten mobile health apps produce 4 million free and 300,000 paid downloads per day.
The demand of medical apps is large and strong. Forecasted market size of mobile health market will be 26 billion USD in the couple years and half of users will be smartphone one.

Here are the most popular medical apps that users generally download:

  • Weight loss (50 million)
  • Exercise (26.5 million)
  • Women’s health (10.5 million)
  • Sleep and meditation (8 million)
  • Pregnancy (7.5 million)
  • Tools and instruments (6 million)
  • Other (18 million)

According to the Research Now Group, nearly 50% of doctors will introduce medical apps to their practice in the next five years.

These apps can solve a multitude of problems for doctors that their current way of practicing medicine simply can’t handle well. Hopefully as time goes on, more doctors will get on board with using and adapting apps into their practice.

Source: YML

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