The 4th Pan – Asian Biomedical Science Conference was organized successfully in Danang, Vietnam from 5th to 7th, December, 2018.

Under the main topic of conference “Biomedicine in the 21st century: insight from Asia”, there were more than 100 scientists specified on biomedical over the world shared and discussed deeply on biomedical application in healthcare. Some outstanding research were shared in the conference as follows:
• Zerumbone, the main active compound from rhizome of Zingiber zerumbet accelerates open wound healing in rats
• Prediction of Bone Mineral Density and Fragility Fracture by Genetic Profiling
• FoxO1 regulates the behavioral manifestation of leptin in dopaminergic neurons
• Contributions of Caucasian-associated bone mass loci to the variation in bone mineral density in Vietnamese population
• Non-invasive hemodynamic profiling of patients undergoing hemodialysis: a multicenter study

This is the first time Nicass device from Ni-medical was introduced in the conference. By using NICas for hemodynamic management of cardiovascular patients will help to:
• Reduce length of stay in hospital
• Significantly improve patients’ medical outcome
• Keep patients out of hospital
• Provide good medical practice
This would be revolutionary in the management of cardiovascular patients resulting in significant reduction of hospitalizations and savings to the healthcare system.

This conference was organized every two years in Asia, and this is the first time it was hold in Vietnam with the mission to bring biomedicine in healthcare service. The next one will be held in Hongkong in 2020.

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