To achieve our goals and beliefs, GSIC adheres to our primary values as our guiding principle.


As a corporation and as individuals, we exercise prudence, and fair judgement. We take a considered approach to managing risks and are always conscious of our responsibility.


With the concept that “human being” is the core element of the success in business, we care about the well-being of the human resources, as well as respect the difference, regardless of education level. We value relationships and cooperation, helping each other to achieve success together.


We expect the highest standards of honesty from everyone in GSIC, both in our work and in our personal lives. This includes abiding by the laws of Vietnam and observing our code of ethics in letter and in spirit.


We recruit, develop and reward our people solely on merit. Similarly, we select business partners based on their capability and believe in long-term relationships


GSIC staff relentlessly pursue excellence to bring about sustainable values. We harness the creativity and imagination of our people and our business partners for superior results.

GSIC leadership chart

GSIC brings together experienced managers and investors in a variety of industries.

Transparent investment process

We always ensure that all of the investment activities are clear and transparent.

Providing solutions for a better society

At GSIC, we believe communal and societal responsibility forms the foundation for sustainable long-term growth. Volunteer programs, and social enterprises are advocated to implementing two main directions:


We encourage everyone to fully participate in the process of creating business success, and everyone is judged on the skills, experience and personal view. At GSIC, every individual has equal opportunity.


We absolutely believe the importance of education and benefits of education to individuals. Education inspires the youth. Education opens up opportunities. We believe children must get access to opportunities, to maximize their abilities, creating the opportunity to achieve success and achievement in the future.