Real estate

We envision a smart urban living space in a refreshing environment. Wind and solar energy, organic and safe agricultural products ensure comfort. Contemporary technology and data shared by the community for better urban life. Symbolic projects and technology alignment with the world will be the culmination from collaboration with international investors.


GSIC is striving to be the leader in green energy: wind energy, solar energy, biomass and waste energy. We are engaged in renewable energy projects, with expansion into projects for special waste supply for heat and energy generation.

Our commitment for safety and reliability for the diversity of the nation’s energy supply is what we believe to be an ally for new opportunities and sustainable long term growth.


Agriculture is the backbone of Vietnamese economy. Yet, agriculture has not guaranteed income stability to farmers. GSIC desires effective solutions enhancing post-harvest product value, to stabilize market development and sustainable agricultural production.

Our network of local suppliers allows us to be centric on rice, maize, soy, mushrooms and citrus fruits on an industrial scale. Through a closed custody chain, middlemen are reduced resulting in a business structure of higher efficiency, better profit equality and free public utilities.


With over 54 million internet and mobile users, Vietnam is constantly wooed by world major vendors for data and analytics. GSIC’s expertise and network on Big Data business models will be desirable to investors seeking to hop onto this ever evolving bandwagon. Technology platform establishment for smart cities needs are accurately addressed. Improved productivity supporting sustainable green energy will better serve the community and investors.